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If you’re dealing with decay, chips, cracks, or discolorations, our Wexford dental crowns are the solution. A dental crown is like a tooth-shaped cap, restoring weak, broken, or decayed teeth. Crowns are also commonly the final step of a dental implant, root canal treatment, or as part of a dental bridge.

With our dental crowns, you’ll experience improved oral health, boosted self-assurance, and a reason to grin again.

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PA wexford family dentistry what are dental crowns

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns offer protection and aesthetics for weakened or damaged teeth. Crafted from durable materials like porcelain, our Wexford dental crowns restore strength, appearance, and function while blending seamlessly with your natural teeth.

These are some of their benefits:


Reinforce weakened teeth, preventing further damage


Seamlessly match natural teeth, restoring a beautiful smile


Enable comfortable biting, chewing, and speaking


Address a range of issues like decay, fractures, and discoloration


Require standard oral hygiene care and last for years

What to Expect


Our expert team assesses your dental health and discusses treatment options, we’ll then custom-design your needed crown


In your second visit, the targeted tooth is gently reshaped to accommodate the crown


A precisely crafted crown is affixed securely, restoring both function and aesthetics

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We want you to feel at home

“We believe in fostering radiant smiles and building strong foundations for a lifetime of oral well-being.”

— Dr. Michael Guthrie

Common questions about dental crowns

How long does it take to get a dental crown?

The process usually requires 2 visits. During the first visit, we prepare your tooth and take impressions. The second visit involves crown placement, which takes about an hour.

How do I care for my dental crown?

Treat your crown like a natural tooth, brush, and floss regularly, and maintain routine dental check-ups for long-lasting results.

How do I know if I need a crown or a filling?

Our skilled dentists will assess your tooth’s condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment option for your specific case. Schedule your visit today!

We Accept Insurance

We accept a wide range of dental insurance plans. Reach out to us at (724) 935-3610 and our welcoming team will discuss the anticipated expenses for your dental crown treatment and address any care-related inquiries you may have.

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PA wexford family dentistry dental crowns

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